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The Redilight Day Safe is a specially designed lighting system that offers “Free Lighting” throughout the day, illuminating high-traffic areas and dark nooks and crannies in the house to make it a safer place to live. This was done in an effort to reduce the number of “Slips, Trips, and Falls” that occur in the home.

Redilight’s LED Skylight Alternative gathers the sun’s rays and converts them into usable energy, which is then used to power the company’s innovative solar-powered lighting system. This system illuminates dimly lit areas in the home and workplace without sacrificing elegance.

Our high-quality lighting is both dependable and up-to-date in appearance, while also providing the environmental credibility and financial savings advantages of solar electricity.

Brighten Your Home with Redilight:

One of the most attractive features of a house is its abundance of natural light. It may turn gloomy rooms into light-filled, open, and welcoming settings, which can improve our mood and make us feel better overall. Natural light makes a house more attractive, and it also has several positive effects on one’s physical and mental health, including enhanced productivity and attention, decreased energy expenditures, and better mental health.

Traditional redilight is one of the greatest methods to bring light into a house; nevertheless, it may be one of the costliest and hardest to install types of redilight. The structural integrity of the structure may be compromised if the ceiling or roof line is cut through in any way, which increases the danger of water damage.

A Redilight kit might be the answer for you if you are looking for the advantages of a conventional skylight without the expense, complexity, or difficulties that come along with installing one.

So, how does it function, exactly?

Redilight packages consist of an LED light located in the ceiling and referred to as a Skyfixture. This light simulates the natural ascent and descent of the sun. Because of this appearance, which is known as the “Sun up, Sun down” effect, you might be excused for supposing that the light being emitted was genuinely natural light. The Skyfixture gets its electricity from a solar panel that is installed on your roof in such a way as to get the most possible sunlight during the course of the year.

Redilight may be put in any room in the house, in contrast to conventional skylights, which must be positioned in just the right way in order to let in the maximum amount of natural light.

Perfect solution for homeowners

They are also a perfect solution for homeowners who are unable to have a standard skylight installed in their house owing to obstacles on the roof, such as solar panels, pool heating systems, an upper story, or alterations in the roof line.

As a result of the fact that the Redilight system is powered by a solar-powered LED panel, there will be no transmission of heat into your house. Traditional skylights are notorious for attracting ugly accumulations of insects and leaf litter, but these may be easily avoided with a solar tube skylight. This makes cleaning these skylights a snap.

How does the alternative skylight from Redilight become installed?

In a matter of hours, your Redilight system may be set up and made ready for operation.

Installation is easy, and you do not need any significant building skills or the assistance of electricians. We  provide a full installation service, although do-it-yourselfers with enough experience may also install the solar panel and light themselves.

Where are the possibilities for possible locations for the Redilight installation?

Almost any room in the house would do. Redilight Skyfixtures are ideal for use in a variety of spaces, including corridors, study rooms, damp areas, lavatories, study nooks, the attic or loft of a house, and even living and patio areas. They are available in a wide range of forms and dimensions so that there is always an alternative that will be suitable for you.

It is possible for a single solar panel to power many Skyfixtures. The only thing you need to do is tally up the wattage of all of your Skyfixtures, put them all together, and then couple them with the solar panel that is the appropriate size. This limits the number of solar panels on your roof to a minimum, which in turn lowers the cost of installation to a minimum as well.

Is it possible for me to use the Redilight skylight option as a light source as well?

Yes. Redilight products may be outfitted with remote control and connected with a Day/Night Kit, allowing you to dim the light and turn it off and on as needed. In the evening, when the sun has gone to bed, the light will act as a regular source of illumination.

The Redilight skylight option is substantially more cost-effective than a conventional skylight as a result of its straightforward design and straightforward installation. The prices start at $345 inclusive of GST.

You may get more information, or you can get in touch with our staff to learn more about the 15% discount we are offering on all Redilight goods this month. 

Comparing Solar Tubes with Traditional Redilights USA:

Natural light is widely treasured in today’s houses since it not only adds aesthetic appeal to a room but also reduces the amount of money spent on electricity and delivers sunshine, which is proven to boost mood. This is why natural light is highly valued in today’s homes. Redilight and Solar Tubes are two options for bringing much-needed sunlight into areas of your home that are currently suffering from an inadequate amount of exposure to natural light. These areas of your home could benefit greatly from an increase in the amount of natural light that is currently available.

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