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A Brighter Future Is Possible Thanks to Redilight and Their Future Energy.


Redilight: The Redilight Day Safe is a specially designed lighting system that offers “Free Lighting” throughout the day, illuminating high-traffic areas and dark nooks and crannies in the house to make it a safer place to live. This was done in an effort to reduce the number of “Slips, Trips, and Falls” that occur in […]

Energy for Futures through Redilights Lets you Shine Better

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Redilights Redilights’ LED skylight alternative is a clever solar-powered lighting system that brightens dark places in the home and business without sacrificing elegance. This system was developed by Redilights. Using light fixtures that are powered by solar panels that are put on the roof, the Redilight system can illuminate even the dimmest areas of your […]