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Why should we switch to a solar light system?


The decrease in our reliance on the power grid as well as the successful implementation of energy-saving measures deserves credit. When there is plenty of sunlight available, solar light are often the most effective option. Parks, streets, gardens, and any other public areas can all be illuminated with the help of natural light sources if communities so choose.

Communities may benefit from environmentally friendly lighting options such as solar-powered lamps. When you have solar lights installed, you will no longer need to rely on the electrical grid for your lighting needs. Additionally, it will result in beneficial social changes. When the long-term benefits of solar street lights are taken into consideration, the price of solar street lights is lower.

So, who exactly is solar light?

Since 2006, Solar Light has been Oregon’s go-to Solatube dealer and installer. The mission of the Solar Light crew is to brighten people’s days. Since 2004, Brennan has been in the business of putting in Solatubes.

Melody has been running Solar Light with Brennan since 2006. She’s always managing, supervising, and keeping things together, so you might still reach her by phone or email. It’s official: Tristin is an authorized consultant for installations (CIC). We’re quite pleased that he’s become a leading Solar Light installation after having known him all his life.

As a Certified Installation Consultant, Amadeus is an expert in his field (CIC). Helping others and fishing are two of Amadeus’s primary motivations. You look at him and think, “Why aren’t there more people like him?” Certified Installation Consultant Daniel is our newest team member (CIC). But he has eight years of experience installing our brand of lighting in tens of thousands of houses’ gloomy nooks, hallways, and rooms.

Inanna takes messages and plans meetings. Because of her affinity for outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, and sunbathing, she finds great fulfillment in contributing to the spread of positivity in the lives of others. That is a brief introduction to who we are. Safely and securely, we have opened the roofs and ceilings of 15,000 satisfied clients in the wet, windy, and sometimes snowy Pacific Northwest so that they may welcome more natural light into their homes.

Solar lights with sensors:

Choose from a wide selection of solar lights with sensors made by the industry’s top manufacturers and buy them online right now. Because there are no upfront or recurring costs associated with using a solar security light, they are a terrific investment. These solar-powered lights with motion detectors are ideal for use in the yard because they only activate when they detect motion. Solar power has come of age, and now more than ever the globe needs to acquire solar-powered sensor lights to cut down on carbon emissions.

Solar motion sensor lights are great for your safety and your wallet if you’ve been thinking about getting some or replacing your old ones. The light from a solar motion light only turns on when the device senses motion.

This energy-saving and safety-enhancing feature turn lights off automatically when they detect no motion in the room. Lights powered by the sun use infrared sensors to track whenever someone is in the area. When someone walks inside the sensor’s field of view, the light flashes brightly for a few seconds before going dark again if no more motion is detected.

Cost-effective sensor solar lights:

The solar panels used to power these lights are cheap in comparison to the electricity they save from not needing to plug into the grid, making solar lights a cost-effective alternative to traditional lighting. With no moving parts, the solar panel requires less upkeep, and its daily exposure to sunshine increases its lifespan.

Since they are not dependent on grid electricity, you won’t have to worry about the disruptions caused by blackouts. Solar lighting systems, in contrast to those that rely on fuel and electricity from the grid, will continue to function normally even in the event of a power outage or severe weather.

Energy efficiency and longer lifespan:

Longer operational life and reduced environmental impact are two benefits of solar motion sensor lights, which are equipped with their own solar panels and use the sun’s energy to power themselves. The battery stores this energy during the day and uses it to power the lamp when darkness falls. The use of motion-detecting solarlight can reduce costs associated with electrical usage. Since they don’t give off any toxic byproducts, they’re safe for the environment.

There is no danger of overheating or a short circuit when using solar motion lights because they are not connected to your home’s electrical grid. Compared to traditional lights, solar-powered motion detectors may operate independently of the grid, extending their lifespan even further.

Solar sun tanning safely and get the benefits of sunlight daily:

If the tanning device emits ultraviolet (UV) radiation to tan the skin, we call it solar sun tanning. Tan in comfort and safety at a solarium, also known as a sunbed, sunlamp, or tanning bed. No solarium can guarantee a harmless tan. The danger of developing skin cancer after being exposed to UV radiation from solariums is high.

Tanning booths that use solar energy can produce ultraviolet radiation that is up to six times stronger than the midday summer sun. As well as harming the eyes, they may quickly wreak havoc on the skin, bringing on symptoms including burning, itching, redness, and swelling. Tanning in the sun without sunscreen is risky. Even if you get a tan in a solarium, your skin is still vulnerable to the sun’s rays.

Choosing the Best Solar Sensor Light:

Which Solar Sensor Light Is Best? The wattage of a solar motion sensor light is the most important factor to consider because it determines the light’s intensity and how long it stays on after being activated. Also, make sure the area illuminated is large enough for your requirements. Finally, if you intend to use the light outside, you should verify that it is watertight or weatherproof.


Solar power is an excellent alternative if you want to lower your home’s energy bills and/or lessen your impact on the environment. The solar-powered, motion-detecting light saves money on electricity costs and helps protect the planet. Putting in solar motion sensor lights is a great method to keep your home safer at night while also lowering your electric bill.

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